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Do you lack confidence because of the way you look? Are you tired of feeling lethargic? Do you just want to feel and look better?

Have you promised yourself that you would take better care of your body, but don't know where to start?

I've got something for you.

Get Started Fast, Be Healthier Faster

My name is Michael Cox, and I'm the blogger at the Tao of Bachelorhood ( where I cover all aspects of a man's life, including health and fitness. I've followed dozens of workout plans and observed thousands of gym-goers, and I've learned an enormous amount about the best way to hit the gym.

If you want to start working out for the first time, or you've tried one or two TV gadgets or fad diets without success, what you need is a proven, easy, real workout.

I had the same needs. I looked high and low, and found lots of gimmicks and some very thick books, but I wanted something I wasn't seeing:

  • Simple exercises that would build lean muscle without risking injury through poor form.

  • A combination of muscle-building and fat burning.

  • A workout I could do within a lunch hour (including changing, warm-up and shower).

What I did was take some basic exercises that target all my body's muscle groups, then combine them with fat-burning cardio in a way that I could turn up the intensity and reshape my body quickly. It was a plan for me. Only later did I realize that it can work for anyone.

In the time I've been blogging, the Simple Starter Workout is the most popular destination on my site. I didn't plan it that way. I didn't think it would be. But by far, more people come to my blog for fitness advice than any other reason.

In response, I present the Simple Starter Workout Plan e-book. In its 13 pages I guide you through this basic workout and offer tips to help you to start and maintain this easy workout program.

Never Set Foot in a Gym? No Problem

The Simple Starter Workout is a quick, easy combination of cardio and weight training designed to help you jump-start your fitness by keeping workouts short and efficient while maximizing your results. It also includes a warm-up and after-gym advice. And did I mention that it’s simple?

This book is also packed with facts:

  • The critical mistakes most men make at the gym.

  • The two factors for success in any workout program.

  • Five ways to keep a consistent workout schedule.

  • What to bring to the gym.

  • Why stretching can actually reduce the effectiveness of your workout, and what to do instead.

  • How to switch exercises for maximum effect.

  • The truth about “sports drinks.”

  • What to do after your workout to minimize pain and maximize gain.

And, as they say, much more.

Perhaps best of all, you can contact me with any questions or comments — if you’re going to commit to doing my workout, I want to support you!

How much is all this? At least for now, the price is FREE. All I ask is that you join my newsletter. In it I will answer questions about the workout, add some tips that have helped me and others, and give you options for more advanced and diverse workouts. Your privacy is important, and I will never, ever give nor sell your address to anyone, and you can easily unsubscribe any time you like.

No Obligation

There’s no time to lose — start getting fit today, and see how a healthier, stronger body will help you in every aspect of your life.

Download the Simple Starter Workout Plan right now.

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